Culture Quotes for Leader Skills That You Can Learn {2021}

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Quotes on Cultural

  • “Pure madness, the Culture more animal than man now, as if stricken by rabies.” ― A.D. Aliwal

  • “Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” – Cesar Chavez

  • “What other species now require of us is our attention. Otherwise, we are entering a narrative of disappearing intelligence.” ― Terry Tempest Williams

  • “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” – Unknown

  • “The deal with multiculturalism is that the only culture you're allowed to disapprove of is your own.” ― Martin Amis

  • “All I’ve ever wanted to do is move the needle on popular culture.” – Jimmy Iovine

  • “Cultura e un cimitir de cărți și de alte obiecte dispărute pentru vecie.” ― Jean-Claude Carrière

  • “To be universal, you have to be rooted in your own culture.” ― Abbas Kiarostami

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Culture Quotes for Leader Skills That You Can Learn {2021}

  • “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey, Quotes About Diversity

  • “One cannot worship the false god of nationalism and the God of Christianity at the same time. .” ― Martin Luther King Jr

  • “No gaming outside of the venue without a sanctioned game master.” ― Leah Rae Miller

  • “If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it” ― Johan Huizinga

  • “It has only been four hundred years since Shakespeare, and this is the state of things? Insanity, complete insanity.” ― A.D. Aliwal

  • “Pop culture is not about depth. It’s about marketing, supply, and demand, consumerism.” – Trevor Dunn

  • “That is the true culture which helps us to work for the social betterment of all.” ― Henry Ward Beecher

  • “It's amazing how, age after age, in country after country, and in all languages, Shakespeare emerges as incomparable.” ― M. H. Abrams

  • “Piety is not a goal but a means to attain through the purest peace of mind the highest culture.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  • “It's too late to be studying Hebrew; it's more important to understand even the slang of today.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walking

  • “Empathy nurtures wisdom. Apathy cultivates ignorance.” ― Suzy Kassem

Different Quotes

  • “It’s part of our pop culture to give animals human personalities and talents.” – Neil Degrasse Tyson, For The People By The People Quote

  • “The arts can sharpen the vision, quicken the intellect, preserve the memory, activate the conscience, enhance the understanding and refresh the language.” ― Steve Turne

  • “I imagine hell like this: Italian punctuality, German humor, and English wine.” ― Peter Ustinov

  • “Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail.” ―Malcolm Bradbury

  • “The world in which you were born is just one model of reality. Other cultures are not failed attempts at being YOU: they are unique manifestations of the human spirit.” ― Wade Davis

  • “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury

  • “Cultural barriers can be overcome relatively swiftly where there is the political will to do so.” ― Sheryl WuDunn

  • “The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experienced.” ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

  • “Women who love themselves are threatening; but men who love real women, more so.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “If you want to change the culture, you will have to start by changing the organization.” ― Mary Douglas

  • “Culture consists of connections, not of separations: to specialize is to isolate.” ― Carlos Fuentes

  • “The person who can learn by observation can create his own culture.” ― Santosh Kalwar

  • “Indigenous foods die when no one learns to cook them.” ― Jean Zimmerman, Being Different Quotes

  • “Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ― Joseph Fort Newton

  • “She missed -- without knowing what she missed-- paints and crayons.” ― Toni Morrison

  • “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • “Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women's history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement.” ― Jess C Scott

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Culture Quotes for Leader Skills That You Can Learn {2021}

  • “If women cannot eat the same food as men, we cannot experience equal status in the community.” ― Naomi Wolf, Communication Quote

World Quotes

  • “Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.” ― Robert L. Peters

  • At the same time, what right do they have to destroy the world?” ― Derrick Jensen

  • “To ask women to become unnaturally thin is to ask them to relinquish their sexuality.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “While her lips talked culture, her heart was planning to invite him to tea.” ― E.M. Forster

  • “Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.” ― Thomas Wolfe

  • “Every man’s ability may be strengthened or increased by culture.” – John Abbot

  • Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” ― Cesar Chavez, Quotes About Being Different

  • “My head’ll explode if I continue with this escapism.” ― Jess C Scott

  • “On a group of theories one can found a school; but on a group of values one can found a culture.” ― Ignazio Silone

  • “One of the most effective ways of changing the way people think is to change the way they worship.” ― Alister E. McGrath

  • “You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” ― Ray Bradbury

  • “It is the vocation of the Christian in every generation to out-think all opposition.” ― Elton Trueblood

  • “Painting, it is true, was undergoing a series of -isms reminiscent of the whims of a pregnant woman.” ― M.F.K. Fisher

  • “Standing still is never an option so long as inequities remain embedded in the very fabric of the culture.” ― Tim Wise

  • “Needs are imposed by nature. Wants are sold by society.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

  • “Publicity is the life of this culture - in so far as without publicity capitalism could not survive - and at the same time publicity is its dream.” ― John Berger

  • “Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit.” – Jawaharlal Nehru

  • “If privacy had a gravestone it might read: 'Don't Worry. This Was for Your Own Good.” ― John Twelve Hawks, Quotes About Understanding

  • “The Bible is a book of Science. Secular Humanism is a religion of mythology.” ― Michael Findley

  • “Our cultural diversity has most certainly shaped our national character.” – Julie Bishop

  • “Whoever tells the best story shapes the culture.” ― Erwin McManus

Society Quotes

  • “Maybe you could be mine / or maybe we’ll be entwined / aimless in this sexless foreplay.” ― Jess C Scott

  • “When the waterholes were dry, people sought to drink at the mirage.” ― Evelyn Waugh

  • “Tradition is a fragile thing in a culture built entirely on the memories of the elders.” ― Alice Albania

  • “I am not interested in living in a city where there isn't a production by Samuel Beckett running.” ― Edward Albee

  • “Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.” ― Sinclair Lewis

  • “What a culture we live in, we are swimming in an ocean of information, and drowning in ignorance.” ― Richard Paul Evans

  • “Culture, like science, is no protection against demons.” ― G.K. Chesterton

  • “Language is the key to the heart of people.” ― Ahmed Deedat, Awareness Quotes

  • “Charity is one of those remarkable words that help to identify the fault lines of a culture.” ― Janet Poppendieck

  • “Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.” ― Thomas Wolfe

  • “Gay diversity is like the Village People. You can all wear different stupid outfits as long as you sing the same stupid song.” ― Jack Malebranche

  • “Be out of the mainstream. I'm out of the mainstream. I enjoy it, who wants to be in the mainstream?” ― Bill Maher

  • “Literature, art, science, and religion degenerate when polemical struggle supplants the independent creation of ideas.” ― Semen Frank

  • “What can oppose the decline of the west is not a resurrected culture but the utopia that is silently contained in the image of its decline.” ― Theodor W. Adorno

  • “Culture was actually humanity’s attempt to extend the womb.” ― Christopher Dawson

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Culture Quotes for Leader Skills That You Can Learn {2021}

  • “For my father, there was no sharper way to understand a country than by listening to its stories.” ― Tahir Shah, Unique Quotation

  • “Even the models we see in magazines wish they could look like their own images.” ― Cheri K. Erdman

  • “As goes the family so goes the faith; as goes the faith, so goes the culture.” ― Kenneth L. Gentry Jr

  • “He who wars against the art wars not against nations, but against all mankind.” ― Arthur Urbane Dilley

  • “Health makes good propaganda.” ― Naomi Wolf

Quotes About Identity

  • “Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder

  • “Pain, unless it is physical, was sold to you (by your culture).” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

  • “A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” ―  Mahatma Gandhi

  • “Nothing mitigates the throes of depression like a steaming plate of spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce and grated parmesan cheese, with a good fresh bread to wipe up.” ― Paul Clayton

  • “The Victorian woman became her ovaries, as today's woman has become her "beauty.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “In America, your ancestors don't matter so much. You're just you.” ― Lensey Namioka

  • “Your culture is your limit; if you can’t go beyond it, you will remain as a frog of your little lake!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan, Quotes About Society

  • “Well, it's all over. We have to start again from the beginning, asking one another what's going on.” ― Umberto Eco

  • “Culture is not made up but something that evolves which is human.” – Edward T. Hall

  • “Literature cannot be imposed; it must be discovered.” ― Amy Joy

  • “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” ― Stephen R. Covey

  • “Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” ― Ray Bradbury

  • “Sometimes we feel we straddle two cultures; at other times, that we fall between two stools.” ― Salman Rushdie

  • “You may be desperate, but never let anyone see you as anything less than a cultivated woman.” ― Lisa See

  • “What should a good children’s book be like? If you ask me, I can tell you after thinking long and hard: It must be good.” ― Astrid Lindgren

  • “A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” ― Ray Bradbury

  • “Since we are destined to live out our lives in the prison of our minds, it is our duty to furnish it well.” ― Peter Ustinov

  • “Once a culture becomes entirely advertising friendly, it seizes to be a culture at all.” ― Mark Crispin Miller

  • “The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.” ― Terence McKenna

Insightful Quotes

  • “This history of culture will explain to us the motives, the conditions of life, and the thought of the writer or reformer. ” ― Leo Tolstoy

  • “In the fashion industry, everything goes retro except the prices.” ― Criss Jami

  • “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • “In a market, preceptions could be as important as reality. p.403.” ― Kurt Eichenwald

  • “Politics is downstream from culture and not the other way around.” ― Timothy S. Goeglein

  • “One book calls to another unexpectedly, creating alliances across different cultures and centuries.” ― Alberto Manguel

  • “If you have to ask what jazz is you will never know." Louis Armstrong” ― Louis Armstrong

  • “Culture primarily witnesses the absence of meaning, not its presence.” ― Thomas McFarland

  • “A woman made of parts is a dangerous thing. You never know when she'll throw away a piece you may need.” ― Heidi W. Durrow

  • “Don't let the culture influence your message, let your message influence the culture.” ― Mike Huckabee, Authentic Quotes

  • “What editors are obliged to appear to say that men want from women is actually what their advertisers want from women.” ― Naomi Wolf

  • “I have no culture, no humane harmony in my brains. I can't live without a culture anymore.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

  • “Perfect sanity is a myth propagated by straitjacket salesmen.” ― Rebecca McKinsey

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