99+ Witch Quotes About Love [ 2021 ]

Witch Quotes About Love: - Today we are sharing the topic of Witch Quotes About Love. There are so many things that happen in our lives that are miraculous. At certain times we encounter events that may never have happened. Sometimes we encounter miracles, at which point we lose our normal lives. Such a moment is called magic. At that time, despite our five senses being alert, we became incapable of working. Maybe because of that magic power. Among the many powers in the world, it has some good and bad qualities. It is possible to benefit many people with good energy. And bad luck means what we call magic. Most of the magic games we see fall into this category. Magic means nothing more, a way to hypnotize us. In the below section we have provided some unique collections about the topic of Witch Quotes About Love, you can check them out. I hope, you will like our article and easily choose the best quotes for your social media account. So let's begin. 

Witch Quotes About Love

  • "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." - Bible

  • "In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients." - Thomas Szasz

  • "My First Rule of Witchcraft is Don't burn the witch." - Heron Michelle

  • "Casting directors are like these fairy godmother witches." - Merritt Wever

  • "The number of witches had everywhere become enormous." - John Jewel

  • "I believe that men are generally still a little afraid of the dark, though the witches are all hung." -  Henry David

  • "I'd go into the woods to look for the witches, the mythical beings." - Anya Taylor-Joy

  • "Love for life in all its forms is the basic ethic of Witchcraft." - Starhawk

  • "I do love that witches haven't really been explored that much. Usually, witches are the little side character... a bad female character that comes in and leaves." - Madchen Amick

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99+ Witch Quotes About Love [ 2021 ]

  • "All magic, all witchcraft, depends on the Devil, and is fundamentally evil." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Witches were really scary to me as a kid." - Robert Eggers

  • "Angels, demons, spirits, wizards, gods, and witches have peppered folk religions since mankind first started telling stories." - Robin Marantz Henig

  • "Witchcraft is a spiritual path. You walk it for the nourishment of the soul, to commune with the life force of the universe, and to thereby better know your own life." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Relax, it’s only magic." - The Craft

  • "Witches don't look like anything. Witches are. Witches do." - Ray Bradbury

  • “I think that all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being.” —Yoko Ono

  • "Anything that you do not understand, you deem witchcraft!" - Dasha Elliot

  • "I think you can learn a lot from primary sources. 'The Penguin Book of Witches,' which is edited by novelist Katherine Howe, is a wonderful compilation of primary sources about witchcraft." - Deborah Harkness

  • "A wise witch knows the shadows come from the light." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Ivy turned. 'He bit you on the neck?' she said, deadpan serious but for her eyes. 'Oh, then it's got to be love. She won't let me bite her neck." - Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking

  • "I love witches and magic and dress-up and make-believe." - Helena Bonham Carter

  • "Dark witches focus on dark magic, black magic, and all kinds of horrible things. I don't believe white witches have warts on them either, or pointy noses." - Gemma Collins

Good Witch Quotes

  • "A witch is a woman who worships herself as her own god. She is the creator of her own life, the healer of herself." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Those that can heal can harm; those that can cure can kill." - Celia Rees, Witch Child

  • "The human race is a very, very magical race. We have the magic power of witches and wizards. We're here on this earth to unravel the mystery of this planet. The planet is asking for it." - Yoko Ono

  • "I would love to make some kind of film about the witches and the Inquisitions. That would be really fun because I don't think their stories have been told enough." - Amy Smart

  • "Don't get pissy with me leech." With a glare, Carrow pressed her print to his torque. "Even tapped out, I can still do a love spell to make you fall in love--with the sun." - Kresley Cole, Dreams of a Dark Warrior

  • "O father, what a hell of witchcraft lies In the small orb of one particular tear." - Dasha Elliot

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99+ Witch Quotes About Love [ 2021 ]

  • "I think the thing that is most influential about 'Haxan' is the casting of the witches as just old women and the strength of that." - Robert Eggers

  • "What interests me is why men think of women as witches. It's because they're so fascinating and exasperating, so other." - John Updike

  • "I am wicked in many ways." - Jessica Spotswood, Born Wicked

  • "In Witchcraft, each of us must reveal our own truth." -Dasha Elliot

  • "There’s a little witch in all of us." - Practical Magic

  • "I didn't follow big box office ideas. That eventually led me to witches. It's led me to find interesting roles." - Madchen Amick

  • "In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients." - Dasha Elliot

  • "The day he left me was the day I died. But then I was reborn as a witch." - The Love Witch

  • "Almost all the Disney villain witches are gay icons." - Jinkx Monsoon

  • "I am no more a witch than you are a wizard. If you take my life away, God will give you blood to drink." - Dasha Elliot

  • "She ate the stars and swallowed the earth / She is the girl with all the power." - Labyrinth Lost, by Zoraida C√≥rdova

  • "'Witches of East End is certainly wild, and so are a lot of other shows these days. But 'Twin Peaks' still holds the gold medal for strange. I think we'll hang onto that for all of TV eternity!" - Madchen Amick

  • "I want to be able to twitch my nose like that so I can clean my house! I have four children. I have been praying for that gift, but I haven't gotten it yet." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Let me say it upfront: I don't like bad hair or capes. I'm not into witches, warlocks, or elves. I would never try to claim prog rock is cool. But I love it. And I know I'm not the only one." - Gavin Esler

  • "The plain truth is that the period I study is the 16th century, and they were absolutely obsessed with witches and spiritual beings." - Deborah Harkness

  • "Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft are written by men." - Dasha Elliot

Scarlet Witch Quotes

  • "Basically, I was always disappointed that the witches weren't real when we learned about the Salem witch trials." - Robert Eggers

  • "If the broom / fits the witch / it is time to / ride it / act up / resist." - The Yerbamala Collective

  • "In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients." - Dasha Elliot

  • "The witch snipped off her golden hair and cast her out into a great desert" - Marissa Meyer, Cress

  • "Musical theater is great; you get painted up, you get to play princesses and witches, and you sing. The joy alone of that can really carry a lot." - Chris Pine

  • "Any divinity that can't see me as a good witch in street clothes has no business hanging up a shingle as a god." - Dasha Elliot

  • "My office is just overflowing with books about witches and books about 17th-century animal husbandry and agricultural farm tools from the period." - Robert Eggers

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99+ Witch Quotes About Love [ 2021 ]

  • "Part of the process of witchcraft is finding our power, seeing where we can apply our energy and agency to make a change." - Dasha Elliot

  • "Witches were burned and killed in Scotland and England for centuries before what happened in Salem." - Janet Montgomery

  • "Once I was seated, I couldn't help people-watching. I'll admit it, I'm an addict from way back." - James Patterson, Sundays at Tiffany's

  • "One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar and I didn't know it. I mean there was a little blood there, and something like that." - Dasha Elliot

  • "I couldn't resist hiding some historical details and a few clues relevant to the plot and characters of 'A Discovery of Witches' throughout the pages of the novel." - Deborah Harkness

  • "It is ever the way of witches with any two things to care for the more mysterious of the two." - Dasha Elliot

  • "In England, we burnt redheads at the stake because we thought they were witches. There are still young redheads in Britain getting ripped for having red hair. 'Oy, Ginger!" Damian Lewis

  • "Usually, witches are the little side character... a bad female character that comes in and leaves." - Madchen Amick

  • "I think witchcraft is making this unique resurgence in this sort of doomsday world we're currently living in." - Dasha Elliot

  • "The accusation of witchcraft had rid many men of an ugly wife and yet more women of an attractive rival." - Dasha Elliot

  • "You’d think they’d never seen a girl and a cat on a broom before." - Kiki’s Delivery Service

  • "I believe that witchcraft is just a method of obtaining your own personal power by combining the elements and channeling your higher self." - Dasha Elliot

  • "The difference between white witches and dark witches is that a white witch is very spiritual, into nature, and can make magic happen. That is me." - Gemma Collins

  • "I had heard stories about witches flying on a broom as a kid and I would always think, wow, they had their own private jet." - Manini Mishra

  • "The day we found magic, I thought we were going to change the world." - Charmed

  • "My witchcraft speaks to connections between beings. My witchcraft curls within the wild of my own heart." - Ray Bradbury

  • "Surface beauty: blond hair, blue eyes" - she was looking at me - "is always easy to recognize. But if someone is braver, stronger, smarter, that's harder to see." - Alex Flinn, Beastly

Wicked Witch Quotes

  • "I really like supernatural stories, but, to me, 'Witches of East End is really grounded. It's not just going for the magic tricks and keeping it superficial and action-y." - Madchen Amick

  • "A Witch is born out of the true hunger of her time ... I was born out of New York. The things that are most wrong here summoned me." - Ray Bradbury

  • "I really loved 'Witches of Eastwick', the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jack Nicholson and Cher." - Madchen Amick

  • “Witches listen to the secrets of the Earth, work in harmony with the powers of the moon, and understand the longings of the human soul." -Dacha Avelin

  • "Being a modern witch not only adds a dash of magic to everything you do but gives your life some serious hex appeal!" - Dasha Elliot

  • "It was Comey who wrecked the FBI and allowed this witches brew of biased managers to simmer and boil over when things didn't go as he planned." Lisa Kennedy Montgomery

  • "I'm a Red-baiter; I'm a witch hunter if the witches are Communists." - Adolphe Menjou

  • "A black cat crossed my path, and I stopped to dance around it widdershins and to sing the rhyme, Ou VA-ti mistigri?Passe sans faire de mai ici." - Joanne Harris, Chocolat

  • "The folk beliefs that feed into our ideas about witchcraft are beliefs that have existed alongside mainstream religious beliefs all along." - Ray Bradbury

  • "I always found the witches and wicked stepmothers far more interesting than the 'heroines' - at least they actually did something." - Sarah Pinborough

  • "My first part in a play was one of the witches in 'Macbeth." - Zendaya
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99+ Witch Quotes About Love [ 2021 ]

  • "I am a witch. A real house-hunting, broom-riding, cauldron-stirring witch." - Bewitched

  • "Witches are moon-birds, Witches are the women of the false, beautiful moon." - Ray Bradbury

  • “The magicks I used are very powerful. I’m very powerful. And maybe it’s not such a good idea for you to piss me off.”—Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • "I definitely do not like Halloween. I don't like masks, creepy clowns, dark things, goblins, or witches. They're not just my thing." - Tyler Perry

  • "Fear of serious injury alone cannot justify oppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears." - Louis D. Brandeis

  • "When I was born, the word for what I was did not exist." - Circe, by Madeleine Miller

  • "The ogres and witches and giants of fairytales stand in as metaphors for those obstacles that we all face in our own lives." - Kate Forsyth

  • "A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest ... because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her." - Ray Bradbury

  • "Shakespeare also introduces the supernatural into some of his tragedies; he introduces ghosts, and witches who have supernatural knowledge." - Andrew Coyle Bradley

  • “Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why my little party's just beginning. Wicked Witch of the West Wizard of Oz" - Noel Langley, The Wizard of Oz

White Witch Quotes

  • "I don't know that I have a fascination with witches per se - well, maybe I just have a fascination with everything weird." - Rob Zombie

  • "I think that there is incredible prejudice about witches while there is no prejudice about wizards. Words are very important, and I'm really into destroying myths." - Yoko Ono

  • "Witches were part of my imaginary childhood playground, so I wanted to make an archetypal fairytale about the mythic idea of what New England was to me as a kid." - Robert Eggers

  • "Witchcraft is all about living to the heights and depths of life as a way of worship." - Ray Bradbury

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